Is This the Right Time For Newcastle Joiners?

Newcastle Joiners – Newcastle United Football Club is a well-known club in the region with its supporters numbering in the tens of thousands. Although this is a huge club with huge supporters it has never won anything major and it has never even qualified off the ground. This is one of the major problems with this club, it lacks major league status and this needs to change if it is ever to become a serious club.

Newcastle joiners

The lack of a big finish and relative youth have been some of the reasons why Newcastle has not reached the heights that it should be at. Many fans are highly disappointed with how the club has performed on a consistent basis and there has been a noticeable move away from fans towards the teams more professional clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United. If this trend continues then the once huge fan base will start to disappear. This would mean a huge loss for the club and this is why I believe a change in management is needed.

A new manager would bring in change both on the field and off the field. On the one hand new managers would need to bring in new coaching methods which would attract more supporters. It seems that nowadays people just want the results of a team rather than how they did last week or this season. In the current climate it would be very hard for a team to survive a few bad games before they get a good run of form. I feel that this could be a key factor in the massive decline of the Newcastle United Football Club.

Many fans have lost faith in the club with some going so far as to say that the club is moving backwards, they have no faith in manager Alan Pardew. I feel that this would be a huge mistake and could lead to huge trouble for the club in the future. The club need to show confidence in their manager and also trust him completely to get the job done.

I believe that one way fans can get the message across is to actually stand outside the stadium during kick off and also when the home team makes their way onto the pitch. I think this would create even more support for the team because the fans loyal to their team would actually be outside the ground cheering on the Newcastle United Football Club. I have no idea if this would actually work but it is something that I have thought about and have never seen any fans do in the past. I am sure that this idea would not go down well with everyone at the ground. So this may just be an idea to create a bit of controversy and build some extra atmosphere in the stands.

All this in mind it’s obvious that the task of finding a new manager has become a huge task for the club and their fans. I personally think that if they go with someone who is popular with the fans, then the fans will support them and hopefully continue to do so in the future. I am sure that many fans will not want another appointment until their favourite player or Manager is in trouble and back in the hot seat. With that being said I will remain positive and look for solutions and improvements in all aspects of the club.