Installing a Sprinkler System

When you’re looking to have a sprinkler system professionally installed, it’s wise to do some planning first. The amount of space that needs to be covered by the sprinkler system and the type of sprinkler will depend on how large your yard and garden area are. Even though installing a sprinkler system can be an extremely expensive choice, there are some ways you can reduce the overall cost of the project. For example, if you live in a small or tight spaces, you may only need to install one sprinkler or you can opt for a system that only water the area you need watered. Once you know the total area that will be covered, you can begin looking at sprinkler system options for size and type.

sprinkler system installation

Size of Yard If you are going to install new sprinkler systems, you’ll want to know the size that will best fit your yard. The average price of sprinkler system installation for a half an acre of land is:

If you have a large yard or a lush lawn, however, installing a huge sprinkler system installation may not be a practical option. In this case, you will probably want to install a smaller irrigation system with a lower irrigation efficiency rating. For example, if your lawn is only one lane wide, you can install a system with an irrigation efficiency rating of three hundred to five hundred feet.

The Type of Sprinkler Trenches You’ll need to know if you’re installing underground systems or if you will be installing above ground pipes. In either case, you will need to determine if you will need a water meter and whether you will be using existing piping. In most cases, new underground sprinklers require very little water to function properly, so existing pipes shouldn’t be replaced in an effort to save money. However, if pipes are used and the tanks or reservoirs are located below the surface, you might need to consult with a water meter expert. Your water meter allows you to meter how much water goes out each minute and if the system is overcharging, you can change it. In some states, you are also required to install water mowers on your property to meter how much grass you can grow because some sprinkler systems require grass to be mowed at a certain height.

How to Choose a Design When deciding how to install your sprinkler system, you should take into account the overall look of your yard. For example, if you have a large yard with many trees, installing underground piping is more effective than installing a surface-mounted system. As well, if you have a mulched yard, installing buried piping is a better option than installing surface-mounted units.

When installing the sprinkler system, you should first prepare the soil. Cut the grass into ribbons and place them in a wheelbarrow. The height of your lawn will determine how deep you can bury the piping. When installing underground piping, make sure that you get a good seal when installing it so that moisture cannot seep through it and cause your plants to wilt.