How Much Does Porta Potty Hire Cost?

When you rent a portable loo, it is essential that you understand the rates and terms of hire so you don’t get ripped off. Typically, porta potties are rented for a day, weekend, or week at a time and the majority of rental fees are from delivery and removal of the unit. If you require multiple units for a long period of time, the per-day rate will decrease.

The types of porta potties you can rent vary and are often priced by the season, location, and features. The most common porta portable loo hire cost potties are standard and offer a toilet seat, urinal, and flushing waste system. These are suitable for construction sites, long-term events, and even weddings. Alternatively, you can opt for deluxe portaloos that have a handwashing sink and more amenities to make the experience more luxurious for guests.

If you are looking to hire a portable toilet for a short-term event, the average cost is $80 for a basic unit. This will usually include one service visit after the event, but can be less depending on the rental company you choose and whether soap, toilet paper, and delivery are included in the price. Many companies also offer discounts on monthly rentals, which can be cheaper than daily prices if you need to keep the portable loo for a month or more.

A urinal add-on can be added to your porta potty for an additional $75 to $125 a day. This is a great option if you have a lot of men on your construction site or for an event and can save on cleaning and servicing costs by reducing the amount of wastewater that needs to be pumped out. Some companies offer valets to assist with portable loos, which can help monitor guest flow and reduce the number of people waiting to use them.

Another option is to rent a chemical loo, which offers similar benefits as a standard portable toilet but requires no flushing system and is more environmentally friendly. These can be used in conjunction with other portable loos to minimise wait times or for smaller events. The compact nature of these chemical loos makes them ideal for deploying strategically around a building site to ensure workers don’t have to travel too far to use the facilities, improving overall morale.

Long term portaloo hire is more cost effective for the supplier, as they can recoup some of their set up and transportation costs over a longer period. The average long-term rate is $100 to $500 a month, though this can vary depending on the portable loo type, location, and features. Some companies will provide a quote for you before you sign the contract, and you should always read this carefully to ensure it covers everything you need. It is also a good idea to compare quotes from several companies to find the best deal. Make sure to check online reviews and speak to the rental company directly about any concerns or questions you may have before hiring a portable loo.